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Which Plan should I choose? TOP

We have tried to give many options to cover many aspects of what our customers may want or need.  Some like to keep it simple and want only the basics,  while another wants the whole 9 yards!  Read over our plans HERE and decide which is the best fit for you.

Still not sure? Contact a team member today and they can help guide you on picking what will work best for you!


The theme I want isnt listed, what do I do? TOP

We are still adding new layout themes to the gallery.... if you have a specific theme you are looking for, ie: kittens, just drop us a message and we will see about adding one in with our next batch of uploads!


I dont need a full Package, but I want more then what it comes with, what do I do? TOP

Ok we hear you. We know not every plan is going to get you all you may want or need.  Maybe you are not into Facebook.... but you need an etsy banner, or maybe you don't want a Etsy banner or a Facebook but you want a business card...

We offer A La Carte items to match each blog design. So go ahead, order that base package, and then click on A La Carte to add on the fun extras --- just the ones you need!


Do I own the design after I purchase it? TOP

No, the intellectual and copyright always belongs with the artist.


Why do I need to make you an admin on MY blog? TOP

In order for us to install the proper code to get your blog looking as the theme you purchased, we need access to your blog to get in, insert coding and get out.  We promise, we only need to be in there a very short while to work our magic.  Once we are completed with our install, you should remove as with admin rights in your blog settings.


I dont know how to make you an admin on my blog to do the install... HELP! TOP

Don't worry!  Adding us as an admin is easy peasy!

The first thing you need to do is login to your blog and go to settings (basics).

You will see on your screen PERMISSIONS,  with Blog Authors.  You should see YOUR name in the box with a blue link under it to ADD AUTHORS

Click on the blue link and when the box appears, add in the email address of


and then SAVE IT (invite authors).

We will get a notification you invited us and we will accept... BUT wait... there is one more step!  After we accept, we will send you an email letting you know.  You will then need to go back into your settings (same place as before) but when you see your name in the list, you should see OURS too!   Next to our name it will say AUTHOR, but a drop down arrow next to it.  Click there and change us to ADMIN and then save your settings.

Now our team will have access to setting up your blog and making the changes!

Again, once we complete our task, you will go back here and REMOVE us as admins.